InCo Ideas Story

Born from a vision to connect and empower, InCo Ideas tells a story of community, innovation, and shared success.

Our Founder:
Mary Werde

Meet Mary Werde, the heart and soul behind InCo Ideas. Born into modest beginnings in a small orchard town, Mary’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. With six siblings, a life confined to a single-wide trailer, and a cow named Hamburger, Mary’s early life was a blend of hard knocks and humble pies. Facing generational challenges head-on, she learned early that silence was expected and aspirations were luxuries.

However, Mary believed in rewriting her story. She understood that the path to becoming more was paved by her own efforts, challenging the narrative that had been passed down through generations. This realization was just the beginning.

Our Core Principles

Community Collaboration

We believe in the power of partnership to achieve greater outcomes. By fostering a collaborative environment, we enable individuals and organizations to come together, share resources, and tackle challenges collectively.

Innovation Through Diversity

Diversity drives our innovative solutions. We leverage the varied perspectives and skills of our network to spark creative ideas and approaches that lead to breakthroughs in every project we undertake.

Sustainable Impact

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We aim to create long-lasting benefits for both our partners and the broader community, ensuring that our projects promote environmental, social, and economic wellness.

Integrity and Transparency

Integrity and transparency guide our operations and interactions. We build trust with our partners and clients by being open about our processes and maintaining high ethical standards in all our dealings.

A Swap Meet for Humanity

InCo Ideas was born from a vision to create a hub where helpers find those in need, where collaboration sparks innovation, and where communities unite for a common goal. Inspired by the simplicity and potential of a swap meet, InCo serves as a central platform for sharing knowledge, resources, and support.

Our goal is to facilitate meaningful exchanges between charities, companies, and individuals driven by a desire to make a difference. Whether you’re looking to lend a hand, share your talents, or simply be a part of something bigger, InCo offers a home for those willing to contribute to a cause greater than themselves.